GO CONDITION : The Energy Boost You Need


What is Go Condition?

Have you been looking for a supplement that will boost your focus, performance, and recovery without the harsh chemicals? Well look no further than Go Condition.


At CamelBak, we’re all about setting you up for success in whatever you do outdoors. Whether it’s on the range, on the hunt, or just being outdoors in general, we want you to have everything you need. That’s why we have partnered with our sister brand Go Condition because we believe it is one of those essentials that you need, to have the best overall outdoor experience.


It goes beyond just having the correct gear, and although that is important, you ultimately need your body to perform at its best too. Go Condition has a powerful formula made up of natural compounds originally designed for military personnel to boost focus, performance, and recovery under extreme conditions. That’s how you know you can trust it to perform for you, whether it’s in the woods, on the range, or even at the gym. We highly recommend it to give you the best results.


What Fuels Go Condition?

Go Condition is fueled by flavonoids, the most active polyphenols in plants, which possess the greatest ability to fight disease and boost health and energy in the short and long term. During development, thousands of the worlds best naturally occurring nutrient sources were researched and narrowed down to the most powerful. They were then concentrated into a blend that guarantees higher absorption and greater activation in the blood.


Dr. David C. Nieman, Director of the Human Performance Laboratory at the North Carolina Research Center, had this to say about Go Condition:


“Flavonoids from fruit and other plant foods are imperative to long term health in humans. I recommend GO CONDITION! to anyone, but especially those looking for an effective all-natural health sports and performance supplement.” - Dr. Nieman



What’s Really Inside?

You might be wondering what is actually inside Go Condition. It contains the “holy trinity” of flavonoids; Green Tea, Bilberries, and Quercetin. With Go Condition you get a clean, powerful supplement that will deliver impressive results whenever you need it. 


Scientific research shows that flavonoids (the most active part of polyphenols found in plant foods) are nature’s most powerful performance enhancers and have the greatest effect on our overall health. They work through a process called “Hormesis” which much like lifting weights or going for a run creates a small stress in the body and in so doing makes it fitter. In the case of flavonoids, the stress is placed on the body’s inflammation and immune systems. A recent third party scientific review of Go Condition concluded; “Go Condition is a unique blend of diverse flavonoids (quercetin, 13 different types of anthocyanins, and four different types of catechins), caffeine, fish oil, and vitamin C. These ingredients (both individually and in combination) have been linked in multiple studies to enhanced mental function, reduced inflammation, and improved immunity.”


How will Go Condition help me in the woods and on the range?

Go Condition isn’t a supplement for gym rats, it is aimed at anyone who wants to maintain physical condition for everyday life, arduous work and strenuous exercise. Go Condition can be very effective when hunting and shooting. It sharpens your mental focus for long days on the range to give you that extra needed edge. In the hardwoods, it can make a difference in how long you spend in the stand, especially in late season scenarios, when the cold winter months take a toll on your mental sharpness and physical condition. As you spend long hours day in and day out in the tree stand, or hiking at high altitude, your body can often begin to fail you, both mentally and physically. Go Condition will increase your energy levels and focus, helping your body to handle the long, grueling hours on the hunt for big game.


Why should you choose Go Condition?

Simply put, if you are someone who wants to improve their everyday health, as well as increase energy and mental focus, then Go Condition is right for you. If you are a hunter or shooter who wants to gain an edge in the woods or on the range, try Go Condition and see the positive effects it has on you. Check it out for yourself here, and use the code “THIRST50” for a special discount on your first order!